• The Void

    The Void The Void was created during a difficult time in my life, in which I was trying to sort out a lot of personal issues. It thus became a sturdy line to which I could hold firm when I otherwise would have fallen. A guiding light in a tunnel of darkness if you will. As a concept, The Void, is built around a poem I wrote in Prague 2011. The poem and the style of photographs I was taking at the time seemed to fuse and I knew I had a project on my hands. The poem deals with the idea of an individual facing a society or world, which he can’t or won’t comprehend. A loner dwarfed by some majestic force outside his grasp. It also introduces themes such as the construction of the self, primordial powers and the search for coherence in an incoherent life. From these words and emotions sprang a series of stark black & white images – 13 in total – that I wanted to form a greater whole. It was my intention to create a labyrinthine universe with stark contrasts, geometric shapes, verticals, horizontals and sharp angels. An urban universe completely without the trace of people, and only small glimpses of Mother Nature. I tried to make it vibrate between the “real” world we all inhabit and a conceived one of the mind’s eye. Thus, welcome to The Void.